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You Can Now Once Again Report Spammy Apps to Apple on the App Store

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After years of absence, the Report a Problem button has made a comeback on the App Store. It allows users to report apps that are potentially ill-intentioned, scamming people, or committing fraud.

Apple’s decision to reintroduce the ‘Report a Problem’ button was first noticed by iOS developer Kosta Eleftheriou. The change appears to be a part of the iOS 15 update.

Until now, users had to tediously open a web browser, reauthenticate, and report app issues via Apple’s website. The reintroduced button allows users to write applications listed on the App Store right from their iPhone or iPad. The button is a quality-of-life upgrade that reduces the number of taps required to report suspicious apps. For now, the switch seems to be available only on some free apps in the US with in-app purchases.

Although timelines aren’t sure, the button could appear on all apps listed on the App Store. Apple is regularly pressured to sometimes allow problematic and malicious apps on the App Store and sometimes block great apps from being released. In this context, the ‘Report a Problem’ button’s return is a welcome move and could help with the quick dismissal of scam applications from here on out. Additionally, Apple has also begun accepting ratings and reviews of its own apps on the App Store.

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