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Western occupation of Afghanistan a ‘failed enterprise’

According to former US State Department official Captain Matthew Hoh, the western occupation of Afghanistan has been a failed enterprise at curbing terrorism.

“Because it really has expanded terrorism worldwide, and it has not kept the United States safe,” he told Sky News Australia.

“Since 9/11, Al-Qaeda has launched 62 attacks against the US – thank god none of them have been as terrible or as successful as the 9/11 attacks.

“But the idea that somehow occupying Afghanistan with military forces keeps us safe from terrorism, I think, is just not founded in the reality of one; how terrorists actually operate … conduct these operations.

“And two, by the fact that … look at the growth of Al-Quaeda … in 2001 the US government said there 4 international terror groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan and now the US government 20 years later say there are 20 international terror groups.”

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