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‘Valuable opportunities’ to ‘canvas’ Australia’s priorities in the Indo-Pacific: Payne

Foreign Minister Marise Payne says engagements occurring in the United States have presented the opportunity to “canvas Australia’s priorities for the Indo-Pacific and Indo-Pacific”.

“Today’s engagements continue the very significant momentum that has been built out of the AUSMIN consultations last week where we agreed to several foreign policy and defense outcomes that were part of the joint statement from ASUMIN itself,” she said.

She said she has been pleased to meet with a wide range of US officials and “friends and counterparts” from various countries, which has provided the chance to discuss issues in the Indo-Pacific.

She said there have also been discussions around the trilateral partnership, AUKUS, which she says will bolster “Australia’s national security” and “our ongoing contribution to the stability of our region”.

“It is a partnership about sharing technology and capabilities, not a military alliance or a security pact.” Further, she said the first face-to-face Quad leaders’ summit will be “positive” for Australia.

“I’m very proud to know that our Quad leaders will now be meeting in person in Washington this week, with a strong focus on the priority issues for the Indo-Pacific, including vaccines and health security, critical technologies, and climate. “It’s a positive, practical, diplomatic network which is delivering for our region.”

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