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‘Unsinkable’ Biden administration ‘sinking like the Titanic’

According to Sky News host James Morrow, the Biden administration is sinking with the president’s approval dropping as ordinary Americans give Joe the flick.

“The latest Zogby poll has Joe Biden’s approval down to just 36 percent,” Mr. Morrow said. “With pollster John Zogby saying the president’s administration is ‘sinking like the Titanic’. “Which, of course, experts said was unsinkable.” Mr. Morrow said it’s not just ordinary Americans giving Biden “the flick”.

“Even big-time Democrats and former Obama administration officials are unloading on old Joe,” he said. “On an episode of 60 Minutes, set to air Sunday night, Barack Obama’s former defense secretary reportedly says that watching Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan made him ‘physically sick’.”

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