TikTok couple Tom and Rachel Sullivan feed hungry college students

Tom and Rachel Sullivan became viral stars with North Carolina State sophomore student Kevin Gallagher are one of those small world moments.

Around 10 years ago, Rachel left home in Chicago to go to school in North Carolina. A nearby family friend opened up their house whenever she needed a place to eat in a new environment. Over the next four years, Rachel got to meet their neighbors and other friends as she spent endless holidays and weekends with her “adopted parents.”

Fast forward to the present, Rachel, 28, was back in her hometown with her husband Tom, 34, before his job relocated them to North Carolina. Tom was at the gym when he ran into Gallagher, the son of one of those neighborly friends Rachel made in college.

Hem and his friends were all working out, trying to eat well, and super intense about dieting and what they eat. He just kept talking about how he’s cutting, but they don’t have food at their place,” Tom Sullivan told USA TODAY.

Lucky for Gallagher, Tom Sullivan had become quite the chef. It was 12 years ago when he lived on his own and was looking for a hobby. That hobby became cooking.

Years of learning how to cook came in handy since Rachel was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, when ovaries do not regularly release eggs, resulting in irregular periods and smaller chances of getting pregnant.

Since they were trying to have a baby, they were told what types of foods she should be eating to help regulate her hormones, which Tom used to expand his cooking expertise. He even made an Instagram account called “mealssheeats” to show off the food he would make.

With Tom as the family chef, he invited Gallagher over to grab some dinner. It wasn’t long afterward where it turned into that whenever he made extra food, he’d tell Gallagher to come over. Going over time and time again had Gallagher and the Sullivans developing a close bond.

“They’re basically a part of our family now like I’m part of theirs. It’s kind of just a cool dynamic we have,” Gallagher told USA TODAY.

Rachel Sullivan, active on Tik Tok, posted a video of “Kevin the college kid” coming over for food. The video now has over 13 million views, with multiple comments asking if they could be just like Gallagher.

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