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The world is ‘sorting itself’ into two coalitions headed by the US and China

The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says the world is “sorting itself out” into two coalitions, one headed by the United States while the other is controlled by China.

The remarks come after Mr. Morrison addressed the nation with a significant foreign policy speech ahead of his trip to Cornwall for the G7 Summit.

“The real guts of Morrison’s speech was the part where he was talking about democracies cooperating economically as well as strategically,” Mr. Sheridan said.

“What I think is happening, but who knows if it’s going to follow through, is the world is sorting itself out into a US-led coalition and a China-led coalition.

“The US-led coalition is mainly democracies but with some sort of fellow traveling authoritarian regimes like Vietnam. “The Chinese system is overwhelmingly authoritarian; Russia, Iran, and North Korea are in the Chinese camp.”

Mr. Sheridan said Australia would deal with China’s trade coercion to “trade less” with China and develop “alternative trade markets”.

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