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Tasmania Covid-19 lockdown: Hobart exits snap lockdown as planned

Lockdown will end for one Australian state tonight, but some restrictions will stay in place. Southern Tasmania will exit lockdown as planned at 6pm on Monday after recording three days without any new Covid-19 cases.

The southern part of the state first entered lockdown last Friday after a man infected from NSW escaped hotel quarantine and entered the community. Despite being infectious in the community, the man did not transmit the virus to any Tasmanians.

“I know it’s been tough minimizing movement, but importantly people have done it and what I’m very pleased to say is that we’re on top of this,” Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein said. “As of tonight at 6pm as per the plan, the lockdown will be lifted.”

While the state’s lockdown will officially end on Monday night, Tasmanians will still be required to wear face masks in public areas and at each other’s homes until Friday. The mask mandate will apply to all residents of southern Tasmania over the aged of 12.

Visitor caps and mask mandates will also remain in place for hospitals and aged care facilities until further notice. “Public Health are of the view that we need to take that extra precaution for the next period throughout the course of this week,” Mr. Gutwein said.

“It will be reviewed on Friday morning, and we’ll provide a further update then.” Face masks will be mandatory at schools in southern Tasmania for all teachers and students aged over 12, with some exceptions.

“Masks are required for all students except those aged under 12 years or students at a primary school,” Mr. Gutwein said.

“For those 12-year-olds that might be still attending primary school, there’s no need to wear a mask at school, but you need to wear your mask heading to school and leaving school.”

Tasmanians who must undertake 14 days of quarantine and cannot earn an income while self-isolating will be eligible for government financial assistance.

Residents who lose income because they need to care for someone in quarantine will also be eligible for the support payments.

“There is support available through the Australian government’s $1500 pandemic leave disaster payment,” Mr. Gutwein said.

“Further, there are the pandemic isolation assistance grants at the (Tasmanian) state level for those who are directed to have a test or placed into 14 days quarantine with financial assistance of $250 per adult and $125 per child.” Published initially as Tasmania to exit three-day snap lockdown as planned.

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