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Saturday September 11th, 2021 in New York City

Time to get back to in-person events here at Fashion Bomb Daily! Kicking off New York Fashion Week in September, Fashion Bomb Daily is proud to announce that we’re hosting The Bomb Fashion Show on Saturday, September 11th. As one of our first in-person events since the pandemic, let’s get just say: it’s more than a fashion show.

The Bomb Fashion Show is an all-day immersive event including two fashion shows, engaging panel discussions, networking opportunities, foods, drinks, & of course, fashion fun! It all goes down on Saturday, September 11th at The Sixth Floor Loft in NYC from 1PM to 10PM. The daytime festivities will be from 1PM to 5PM, including the emerging designer’s fashion show. In comparison, the evening events will commence from 5PM to 10PM with the Fashion Bomb Daily Shop designers fashion show.

After all, we are a fashion platform highlighting all fashion from emerging talents to established haute couture houses. So, there is a dress code: Bet on Black! So, come in your best black attire, ready for the runway and networking festivities.

Limited tickets are currently available at TheBombFashionShow.Eventbrite.com. Interested in modeling, sponsoring, or showing your designs? Please email events@fashionbombdaily.com. See you at NYFW!

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