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Republicans are ‘afraid of Donald Trump’s continuing influence’

The US House of Representatives has voted to approve legislation to establish an independent investigation into the January 6 Capitol Hill insurrection, with 35 Republicans joining Democrats supporting the Bill.

The Bill will face more opposition from the Senate as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s opposition means he can “deny it even a vote” but is facing pressure from fellow Republicans, according to Perth USAsia Centre CEO Gordon Flake.

“There is new pressure on him, however, unexpectedly, 35 House Republicans voted for the commission, and that’s a remarkable thing because if you thought back to just a couple months ago, only ten House Republicans voted for impeachment after the events of January 6,” he told Sky News.

Mr. Flake said there was a shift in the Republican Party as there is a growing realization the elected officials’ constituents are “Trumpists as opposed to Republicans”.

“The Republican political leaders are afraid of their base, and more specifically, they’re afraid of the continuing influence that Donald Trump has with their base.”

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