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‘Radical’ school boards ‘topple’ across the United States as parents fight back

Sky News host James Morrow says “radical school boards” have been “toppled” across the United States as parents fight back against the left-wing ideology being pushed onto their children.

“If there’s one good thing that has come out of this hideous pandemic, and especially the two years of on and off homeschooling that came with it … it is that parents have finally gotten to see what is being taught in their classrooms, and they don’t like it,” Mr. Morrow said.

“That was a significant factor in Republicans’ routing of Democrats across Virginia and, in fact, the United States last week. “The teaching of critical race theory, and trans ideology, and even the attempt to sic the FBI on parents who spoke out against these outrages was just too much.

“But it looks like these woke Napoleons have met their Waterloo at last. “It wasn’t just in Virginia … across the nation, school boards were toppled by parents – many not politically active before they started being branded as domestic terrorists for caring about their children’s education – determined to take back control.”

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