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‘Provocative’ BLM movement leading to greater angst and resentment in the US

The Black Lives Matter movement has been of ‘very dubious benefit” and will only lead to more significant angst and resentment in the United States, says Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan.

Events – including marches and vigils – were held across the US on Tuesday to mark the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death. Mr Sheridan says America is heading down a “destructive” road by making race and identity the focal point of politics.

“I think America is going down the wrong road on race, it’s making race and identity the centre of everything and this critical race theory is madness,” he told Sky News.

“The whole Black Lives Matter movement has been of very dubious benefit and I don’t think it leads to any long-term solution.

“It just leads to an endless infusion of greater resentment and identity angst and the lesson of black identity politics is it ultimately provokes white identity politics which becomes very, very destructive.”

Gemma Broadhurst
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