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Prince Philip one of the ‘truly great generation’ of people

Royal commentator Annabelle Sanderson says Prince Philip was a “truly great generation of people” who “stood loyally” by his wife for more than seven decades.

“I always found Prince Philip to be a wonderful character – I know he always occasionally popped up saying controversial things – but this is a man who has stood loyally by his wife for over seven decades.

“He fought in the second world war, you know he’s one of the truly great generations of people … he was part of the country, where the queen was prince Philip was – you could see the support that he gave her.”

Ms. Sanderson also referred to the Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah Winfrey. She said Prince Philip was “shielded” from criticisms made by Ms. Markle on the royal family and how important it would be for Harry to return home for the funeral.

“So now we have the situation of course where after ‘that’ interview, you know, Prince Philip being shielded from some of the things that were said – but I can’t imagine that he would’ve not heard some of the comments that were made by Megan in particular – I hope that Harry does come back for the funeral – I think it would be essential for him to come back.”

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