Planet Labs and Google Cloud join forces in data analysis agreement – TechCrunch

Satellite operator Planet Labs is beefing up its existing partnership with Google Cloud. Under a new agreement, Planet customers can use Google Cloud to store and process data and access Google’s other products, such as its data analytics warehouse BigQuery.

The two companies’ collaboration stretches back to 2017, when Google sold its satellite imaging business, Terra Bella, to Planet. As part of the sale agreement, Google also signed a multi-year contract with Planet to license Earth imaging for its use. Planet also uses Google Cloud for its own internal data processing and hosting.

This latest agreement will let Planet customers use products like BigQuery to analyze large volumes of satellite imaging data, reflecting “a growing demand for planetary-scale satellite data analysis, powered by the cloud,” Planet said in a news release.

“Planet customers want scalable compute and storage,” Kevin Weil, Planet’s president of product and business, said. “Google Cloud customers want broader access to satellite data and analytics. This partnership is a win-win for both, as it helps customers transform their operations and compete in a digital-first world, powered by Planet’s unique data set.”

Planet operates a network of around 200 satellites — more than any government — and provides analytics services on the data it gathers. Last month, the company joined a slew of other space companies by announcing it was going public via a $2.8 billion merger with blank-check firm dMY Technology Group IV. The deal is anticipated to inject Planet with $545 million in cash, including a $200 million private investment in public equity from BlackRock-managed funds, Koch Strategic Platforms, Marc Benioff’s TIME Ventures, and Google.

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