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Pfizer approval for young US children ‘landmark development’

The United States Food and Drug Administration’s vote to approve Pfizer’s vaccine for children is a “landmark development” in making COVID-19 endemic, says Sky News US Contributor Michael Ware.

An expert panel voted overwhelmingly to approve the jab for children aged between five and 11, arguing that a low dosage provided more benefits than risks.

“This could be a landmark development and may see the first shots in the first little arms by the end of next week, certainly by the beginning of the week after that,” Mr. Ware told Sky News Australia.

“Look, we do know this is needed: of the 28 million kids here in the United States, they know of two million infections, and while most of those infections are asymptomatic, 8,000 kids have ended up in hospital here with COVID and a third of those who go to hospital end up in intensive care.

“It’s obvious that this age group nonetheless needs protection for themselves but also for their families and their school communities and others that they operate in. “This could be the beginning of a big change for all of us living in what I think is now an endemic COVID new way of life.”

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