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Mini-LED MacBook Pro Launch Might Be Delayed Until 2022

A new report from Digitimes claims that the MacBook Pro with Mini LED display might be delayed up until 2022. The Mini LED MacBook Pro was rumored to be announced later this year, but it seems that the device has been pushed to next year.

Previous reports, including one by famous Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, claimed Apple would launch two MacBooks, both Air and Pro, with the mini-LED display in 2021. The reports said that Apple would announce new MacBooks with 14-inch and 16-inch displays by decreasing the size of the bezels.

However, a new Digitimes preview report claims that the product has been delayed to 2022. Citing industry sources, DigiTimes doesn’t explain why the delay is thought to have happened.

As mentioned above, there’s no word on why the product is delayed. However, we’ll know more on this once Digitimes publishes the full report. Though there might be some potential reasons as to why Apple is facing delays with this product.

Nikkei Asia, last month, reported that Apple was having some issues in iPad and MacBook production due to the worldwide chip shortage. The report concluded that despite Apple’s good relations with TSMC, the company was facing delays in producing displays for upcoming MacBooks and iPads. This is also evident in Apple shipping the mini LED M1 iPad later this month — almost a month after announcing it.

Secondly, Bloomberg has also said that Apple is working on the redesigned MacBooks. However, they are not expected ‘anytime soon.’ Bloomberg’s report also suggests that the MacBook Pro with Mini LED display has been delayed next year.

Were you looking forward to purchasing the mini LED MacBook Pro this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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