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Kim Kardashian Visits the Vatican in Barragán White Off-the-Shoulder Cutout Sheer Lace Dress, Balenciaga Sunglasses, and Yeezy Nude Double Strap Sandals

Kim Kardashian has been the talk of Rome as the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star has been sending paparazzi and blogs into a frenzy with her looks. Her latest face definitely caused a stir on the internet as she was spotted in a revealing white sheer lace dress while visiting the Vatican in Rome!

Kim Kardashian wore a $439 white off-the-shoulder lace dress by Barragán (sold out). Under the design direction of Mexican-LatinX designer Victor Barragán, the dress has been spotted in the brand’s Fall 2020 collection. The dress appears in a see-through white lace fabric complete with other sultry details such as a twisted knot feature and cutouts on the front and back of the garment. Kim wears the dress off her shoulders, but it can actually be worn many ways, including off one shoulder. It seems like she also wore a nude slip and top underneath the piece due to its sheer nature.

Kim finishes the look with a pair of $364 Balenciaga BB0157S sunglasses and Yeezy nude double-strap heeled sandals (unavailable). Her face was styled by Avigail Collins.

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