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Kate Middleton appears at Wimbledon, joins a Mexican wave

The Duchess of Cambridge has appeared at Wimbledon, making headlines for all the right reasons with these hilarious pictures. With the harsh realities of coronavirus and royal rifts taking up the headlines, sometimes the world just needs to see a Duchess do a Mexican wave.

And that’s exactly what Kate Middleton delivered overnight as the radiant Duchess of Cambridge cheered on players at Wimbledon and looked like she was having a right jolly time.

Kate was seen in the stands taking part in a Mexican wave on day 13 of Wimbledon as she watched Gordon Reid of Great Britain during his men’s wheelchair singles final match against Joachim Gerard of Belgium.

She was accompanied by her father, Michael, and CEO of the Lawn Tennis Association, Scott Lloyd. Kate herself is also a patron of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC).

She was then seen having her fingers crossed for her support for the England team later that day. Kate missed most of Wimbledon when she was forced into isolation after coming into contact with a Covid-19 case – and on her second day back at The Championships, she seemed happy to be free.

Earlier, Kate presented Aussie winner Ash Barty with her trophy, asking her if she spoke to her family the night before she stepped onto Centre Court for one of the biggest matches of her life.

“Yeah, I called my niece and nephew, and they were so excited,” Barty told Middleton. “I know they’re up watching now.” She later congratulated the Aussie again for an “incredible match”.

The Duchess tweeted: “It was amazing to see the atmosphere and support from the fans echoing through center court once again.”

Prince William was notably absent, but according to The Sun, “Kate’s dad Michael is taking the place of Prince William, who will be busy roaring on the Three Lions at Wembley tonight for the Euro 2020 final”.

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