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Japan mudslide: Two people dead and 20 missing after mudslide slams Atami city

Two people have died after a freak mudslide ripped through a town in Japan, destroying houses and leaving 20 people missing. Two bodies have been found after a mudslide tore through the city west of Tokyo.

A torrent of mud and debris pounded Atami city today after days of heavy rain in the area, tearing through houses and flooding streets, leaving locals scrambling.

Authorities are frantically searching for 20 people who are still missing, Japan Today reports. According to officials, the mudslide hit Atami city at around 10.30am following heavy rains, with television footage showing houses being thrashed by the deluge and locals running to escape. Some seen recording the frightening weather event on their phones.

Several houses were swept away by the powerful surge, and 200 homes were left without power. According to local officials, 20 people are missing, with disaster management teams from Shizuoka calling in military assistance for a rescue mission. Japan Today reports around 30 personnel have been dispatched in response.

As reported by AAP, disaster management official Takamichi Sugiyama said some people in the area are believed to have been evacuated after warnings were issued, but no further details were immediately known. Rescue workers are currently searching for those missing. They also received about 10 calls from people who were trapped in their houses.

In the Shizuoka region and famous as a hot spring resort, Atami has been lashed by heavy rain this week, with rivers swelling and increasing the risk of mudslides.

Most of Japan is currently in its rainy season, which often causes floods and prompts local authorities to issue evacuation orders. Shinkansen bullet trains between Tokyo and Osaka have been halted temporarily amid the torrential rain. Regional trains in affected areas have also been stopped, according to rail company websites.

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