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Israel hit with ‘a true barrage of rockets’ from Hamas

The escalating tensions and violence between Palestine and Israel have seen “a true barrage of rockets” fired by Hamas, which have focused on Tel Aviv, according to i24 reporter Batya Levinthal.

“Over the last couple of hours just before the quiet did sort of kick in, we did hear quite a few rockets and quite a large amount of booms,” she told Sky News.

Ms. Levinthal said in the cities near the Gaza Strip,p there are approximately 30 seconds to get to a bomb shelter, and the number of rockets fired by the Hamas went from one or two an hour to “130 rockets between 3:00-4:00am” alone.

Ms. Levinthal said Tel Aviv was now a target for the rockets, which was “not normal” for conflicts between Israel and Palestine, where Hamas tended to avoid populated areas.

“This is not a normal thing that happens here in Israel; when it flares up like this, it’s normally the attacks coming from Gaza are on the south of Israel.”

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