Hope for Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero tears (spoilers)

The following contains spoilers for the “Mortal Kombat” movie. Stop reading if you haven’t seen the reboot in theaters and on HBO Max.

He got Caged. There’s big-time Hollywood irony that Johnny Cage, the catchphrase spewing, action movie star of the “Mortal Kombat” video game and movie franchise, failed to make an appearance in the long-anticipated movie reboot that opened this weekend.

The fan-favorite character would chuckle, knowing he was held back partly because he’s such a big personality. The potential movie franchise has sought to establish an ensemble cast centered around once-struggling MMA fighter Cole Young (Lewis Tan).

“Johnny’s character is his own gravitational field,” says director Simon McQuoid. “There was a lot of work to get the fundamentals and the world right in this movie. Johnny’s just such a big personality and character that it might’ve thrown that off.” There’s hope for the future, whatever disappointment there was with fans not seeing Johnny Cage in the movie. Series.

Gemma Broadhurst
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