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Google suspends Trump 2020 app from Play Store for non-functionality – TechCrunch

Google has suspended the Trump 2020 campaign app from the Google Play Store for policy violations. The company confirmed, following a report from Android Police which noted the app could not load any content and appeared to have been taken down. Both the Android version of the app and its iOS counterpart has been left online since the November 2020 elections but hadn’t received recent updates — which likely contributed to the app’s stability issues.

The Play Store version hadn’t been updated since October 30, 2020; for example, says app store intelligence firm Sensor Tower. According to Android Police’s report, the app was hanging and couldn’t load content, and it reported connectivity issues. We understand the problem was as they described. When users downloaded the app, it would either hang on the initial loading screen with a spinning “T” logo or immediately report a server error at startup. In either case, it would never load the app experience at all.

Recent user reviews on the Play Store noted these issues, saying things like “will not open,” “the app doesn’t even work,” “absolutely terrible doesn’t even work,” “wouldn’t open keep saying check connections,” and more. One user even asked the developer to respond to the numerous complaints, saying, “please reply to people commenting. It’s not loading.” Another implied the issues were Google’s fault, noting “worked great until Google canceled it.”

Google, though, did not cancel it. The Trump 2020 Android app had actually been experiencing problems for some time before Google took this action.

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