Google reveals a slate of Chromebook docks as it pushes to appeal to enterprise users – TechCrunch

Chromebooks have had banner quarter after banner quarter for the past year. While PC and tablet sales, in general, have been doing well as people shifted to remote working and learning, Google’s operating system has been leading the charge in terms of growth. That’s due in large part to the company’s wins in education.

With a substantial foothold in that category, Google is pushing to make a big play in the enterprise — a variety traditionally dominated by Microsoft (and, to a lesser degree, Apple). Today the company is announcing the launch of a new series of docks as part of the Works With Chromebook certification program it launched last year.

Launch partners include Targus, Belkin, Acer, and Hyper. The hope is pretty straightforward: making the traditionally limited hardware more capable for a work setting. There are two different types of docks — one designed for remote working and the other for office/enterprise. Per Google:

More details are forthcoming from the third parties, which will be releasing the devices “in the coming months.” The Hyper system (pictured at the top of the post), for instance, launches in August for $240, which put it around as much as some Chromebooks.

Among the upshots is that these will also be compatible with PCs and Macs, to some degree — a product for enterprise buyers.

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