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Girl mauled to death by dog in backyard in Texas

A family is reeling from a “horrible tragedy” after their little girl is attacked by a dog in her backyard. A four-year-old girl has been mauled to death by a family dog at home in the United States. Officers were called to a property on Oak Grove Road in southeast Fort Worth, Texas, just after 5pm on Friday evening.

Police say Elayah Brown was attacked by the dog in the backyard and was rushed to Cook’s Children’s hospital, where she died of her injuries just over an hour later, the Star-Telegram reports.

Two dogs were walked into an animal control unit, but whether both were involved in the attack remains unknown. One dog was not taken away by animal control, Fox4News reports.

Cops have since confirmed that the dog responsible was taken into the custody of the city’s animal shelter and was “humanely euthanized” on Saturday.

It’s unknown who decided to put the dog to sleep or how the procedure was carried out. Chief Neil Noakes said: “Anytime there is a loss of life, it’s a tragic incident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and all first responders that responded to this call.”

City spokeswoman Diane Covey branded the attack a “horrible tragedy”. An autopsy result is pending, and investigations into the child’s death continue. No charges have currently been filed, a police spokesman confirmed on Saturday.

Elijah’s uncle Reginald Arberry has created a GoFundMe page, seeking donations to cover the cost of the four-year-old’s funeral service.

In a moving post, he said: “Our beloved Elayah recently passed on April 30, 2021. Alayah was a wonderful daughter, niece, granddaughter, and cousin who touched the lives of those around her.

“She was a bright, beautiful, and inspiring person. “We are all devastated by Elayah’s loss and were not prepared for the high cost of a funeral service. “We want to give Elayah the memorial she deserves, to honor her memory and say our last goodbyes.” The family has exceeded their initial goal of raising $8500. The story appeared on the US Sun and has been republished with permission

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