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Families of NY nursing home victims need ‘answers and accountability’ from Cuomo

Fox News host Janice Dean says she hopes the new charges against Andrew Cuomo are just the “beginning” of holding him accountable over the nursing home scandal.

“Many of us are hoping this is just the beginning of Andrew Cuomo’s new life out of office, and we will see many documents that start with ‘the People Vs. Andrew M Cuomo’ – because our families deserve answers and accountability,” she wrote in an opinion piece on Fox News.

“The charges Thursday allege that the disgraced governor’s filthy hands were all over a young woman’s body without her permission. “And for those of us that lost loved ones in nursing homes, he has blood on those hands as well.”

Ms. Dean’s comments come after the disgraced former governor was charged with a misdemeanor relating to an alleged sex crime on Thursday, local time. A few months ago, a report also found the governor had sexually harassed multiple women who worked for him.

Janice Dean’s in-laws died from COVID-19 last year in nursing homes, so she has been heavily critical of Mr. Cuomo’s administration’s poor handling of the pandemic.

A report carried out by the New York Attorney General earlier this year found Andrew Cuomo’s administration falsified nursing home data. It found the death toll of COVID-19 related nursing home deaths was underreported by up to 50 percent.

It also found the governor let COVID-positive patients return to their nursing homes for months, in turn infecting other residents.

Proper PPE and testing were also not correctly carried out in at least 62 New York state nursing homes. Ms. Dean hopes the New York Assembly will release its impeachment report to Andrew Cuomo soon. Andrew Cuomo continues to deny any wrongdoing.

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