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Facebook lifts ban on Wuhan lab leak theory after censoring earlier reports

Facebook has retracted its ban on posts that claim COVID-19 was man-made or manufactured as support grows for a more comprehensive investigation into the virus’s origins.

The social media giant banned any content that asserted COVID-19 was man-made or manufactured in February but told Politico the decision has now been reversed. The change in Facebook’s policy came following calls for a fuller investigation fuller into the origins of COVID-19.

A global coalition of intelligence agencies found China “destroyed or suppressed” evidence of the deadly coronavirus outbreak as it ramps up a probe into the communist nation.

The intelligence dossier, compiled by ally Western Governments, was obtained by Sky News host Sharri Markson who revealed the genetic coding of COVID-19 is nearly identical to a strain of virus found in the infamous Wuhan lab.

The dossier cites the scientists’ work discovering samples of coronavirus from a bat cave in China and describes how the scientists researched synthesizing a bat-derived coronavirus that could not be treated.

The document lays the foundation for accusing China of a cover-up, stating it deliberately engaged in the “suppression and destruction of evidence”.

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