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Exclusive look inside the US supersonic presidential jet

Exonic was handed a contract by the Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate (PE) after impressing the military with its concept for a low-boom supersonic Mach 1.8 twinjet.

Now CNN Travel has had an exclusive look inside the cabin interior of the executive transport plane designed to carry the US Executive Branch’s distinguished visitors (DVs).

It’s a 31-passenger derivative of Exosonic’s 70-passenger commercial airliner concept. It is the ultimate in business jets — luxury leather, oak, and quartz fittings, private suites for work and rest, and all at cruise times twice that of existing aircraft.

The functions of presidential craft vary according to need, but this plane might primarily be used as Air Force Two, which is the call sign for jets carrying the US vice president.

New technologies

“With this concept, we are planning to implement new technologies that are not available today or that you don’t (yet) see on commercial or business aircraft,” says Stephanie Chauhan, Exosonic’s principal aircraft interior designer, as she leads CNN on a virtual walk-through.

The first private suites are the three-passenger meeting room, with secure video teleconferencing so distinguished visitors can work, go online, or address the press.

The rotatable seats are leather with wooden shells, and the video monitor can be stored in a rolled position. Hence, there is space on the credenza sideboard for food platters or presentation equipment.

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