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Fashion Bomb Daily was on the scene in ATL to premiere the newest movie known as Secret Society. The independent film is an adaptation of the 2007 book Secret Society by Miasha Coleman, the executive producer of the movie. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the book landed her with a six-figure deal along with a title as a best-selling author.

Directed by Jamal Hill, the film follows in the book’s footsteps, telling a story of two women whose lives of luxury get turned upside down. The film is complete with intriguing fashion and shocking secrets executed by the movie stars, including Reyna Love, Erica Pinkett, Vivica A. Fox, Jeremy Meeks, Vincent De Paul, and Tray Chaney.

To commemorate such a moment, Miasha Productions and Fashion Bomb Daily held a pajama-themed bash that featured an exclusive premiere of the movie. Let’s get into some moments from the event:

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