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Canberra Covid-19 lockdown: ACT records 28 new coronavirus cases and two deaths

Canberra has recorded 28 new cases and two deaths from Covid-19 as the ACT focuses on vaccinating one essential part of the population.

The ACT has recorded 28 new local coronavirus cases in the latest 24-hour reporting period, bringing the national capital’s total outbreak to 1005. ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr confirmed two Canberrans had died of the virus overnight. Both deaths were women in their 80s who had other health issues.

One of the women was fully vaccinated against Covid-19 but had been receiving end-of-life care for other conditions. Health officials have been able to link 14 of the 28 new cases to existing outbreaks, but the additional 14 are still under investigation.

Eight of the new cases were isolated during their entire infectious period, while at least 16 spent time infectious out in the community. Mr Barr confirmed 16 Canberrans were now in hospital with Covid-19, including five people in the intensive care unit. Chief Health Minister Kerryn Coleman said the youngest Canberran in the hospital was in their 20s.

Mr. Barr noted that while the ACT’s vaccination uptake was strong, the territory’s under-40 population still had a way to go. “Fully vaccinated coverage is currently 64.6 percent of the eligible (ACT) population,” Mr. Barr said.

“What we’re seeing is extreme nation-leading levels of vaccination coverage among over the 40s. But it’s younger Canberrans who have just not yet had the opportunity to access vaccination, where we still don’t have the required level of second dose protection.”

Mr Barr confirmed less than 60 per cent of Canberra’s population under 40 was currently fully vaccinated, but said he was confident this would change in the coming days.

The ACT’s lockdown will end on October 15, when the territory will transition to “medium level” public health restrictions. Originally published as ACT records 28 new local Covid-19 cases and two deaths.

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