Can we have an almost normal Halloween this year?

“Normalcy” in our daily lives may still be a ways off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but at the very least, Halloween will look a little more like it used to this year than it did in 2020. And this dose of joy, sugar, and scares might be just what we all need to unwind after the stress of 2021.

We’re about to have our second pandemic Halloween. Still, unlike last year, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended trick-or-treating or suggested a “one-way” version, this year, the CDC has given the green light for children nationwide to go get some candy.

So expect to see a few more adorable kids traipsing the sidewalks with pillowcases and pumpkin buckets full of sweet treats on Sunday. For many of us, it will be a welcome, familiar sight that will help us relax, enjoy the holiday, and safely spend time together. It’s not just that Halloween will look more like it did in the before times; it’s that we get to be united as a society by something fun and frivolous. Our shared cultural experience for the past 19 months has been one full of fear and tragedy. The opportunity for a shared understanding around joy (or more artificial scares) comes as a huge relief, a moment where we can collectively have a smile.

My plans are low-key, but I’m desperately looking forward to them. I will carve pumpkins with my in-laws on Sunday but be back home in time to greet the kids in my neighborhood with a big bowl of full-size candy bars from Costco. It’s been a challenging pandemic – it seems like full-size candy is warranted.

Today’s reads Today’s pet.

Today we have a dog who is excellent at posing for photos.  “Here is my precious baby by Tucker!” says owner Karleen Rogers.  He is precious, indeed. And very photogenic.

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