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Biden administration ‘stumbling from failure to chaotic failure’

According to Sky News host James Morrow, Joe Biden’s recent appearance at the CNN town hall was “nothing more than a propaganda exercise” complete with the US president’s “classics” on display.

“What we saw was nothing more than a propaganda exercise designed to shut down perfectly reasonable perceptions that this is an administration that is stumbling from failure to chaotic failure, and with the worst still yet to come,” he said.

Mr. Morrow pointed to the supply chain disaster threatening Christmas, high petrol prices, and the US southern border surge as examples of the Biden administration’s challenges.

“Credit to walkaway Joe Biden, I guess, for taking questions even in such a highly scripted softball Soviet-style affair, but Americans and everybody else should be disturbed by this doddering, feeble old man running the most powerful country in the world,” Mr. Morrow said. “There were plenty of forgetful moments, and host Anderson Cooper had to help Biden through any number of answers.”

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