Beauty experts share how to create two-toned lipstick

Why settle for just one lipstick shade when you can wear two? Thanks to the latest beauty trend that’s taking over TikTok, you no longer have to.

Ombré lips have made bold and vibrant statement lips trendy again just in time for summer, with nearly 128 million views on TikTok for #ombrelips and 17.7 million views for #ombrelipstutorial. Why?

“It’s essentially double the fun,” InStyle beauty director Maya Allen tells USA TODAY. “We’ve all been wearing masks and cooped up in the house, so trying something a little less conventional with lip color serves as a creative outlet for self-expression that should be celebrated.”

The latest makeup fad involves using monochromatic shades of lipstick, lip gloss, or lip liner to create a seamless, two-toned shade, similar to ombré hair and nails. The lip look can not only add a fun pop of color to your outfit but also create the appearance of a fuller pout.

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Prepare to turn heads: Allen says the “show-stopping style” creates a “flirty, multidimensional effect that always calls for lots of compliments and double-taps on the Gram since it’s highly photogenic.”

Gemma Broadhurst
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