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Australia’s emission reduction goals ‘hampered’ by ‘three key sectors’

The COP26 climate summit in Glasgow saw 85 percent of the world’s economies have committed to net zero at some point, but the target to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees was not agreed to by attendees.

Australia also did not sign up for the pledge to reduce methane by 2030, nor did it increase the target for emissions reduction. Still, Australia should not be compared to other countries that did, according to Liberal MP Jason Falinski.

“Australia has three very key sectors: our mining, energy, and agriculture sectors … they form extensive parts of our economy,” he told Sky News Australia.

“The capacity for us, therefore, to reduce our emissions is hampered by the fact that our economy is so dependent on those three sectors.”

Mr. Falinski said, “there isn’t actually” a country comparable to Australia as our main sectors are emitters, but we have reduced emissions by 20 percent.

“That is more than double Germany, more than double France, more than double than so many, more than double the United States,” he said.

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