At-home party tips amid COVID-19 pandemic

Never has there been a better time to celebrate the annual running of the Kentucky Derby at home than during a pandemic. Simple as that. With a bit of planning, you can make the day particular, even while staying home.

“I really do think that even with fewer people at your Derby party, you can make it very nice … and a day that you will all be able to have fun,” said Peggy Noe Stevens, entertaining and etiquette professional.

The COVID-19 outbreak has taught us the importance of doing our part to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, so any at-home party should adhere to social distancing practices, and everyone should wear a face mask. (After all, a face mask is a must-have accessory for Kentucky Derby 2021!)

But what if you aren’t quite sure how to pull off a party during a pandemic while following safety precautions? Stevens walked us through six simple adjustments to ensure the day was filled with fun, friendship, and future memories.     So saddle up, and let’s get planning.

Kentucky Derby party invitations

Start by letting people know how you plan to spend the day. Even if you’re only going to celebrate with those in your household, it’s nice to plan ahead and make the day special.

“This year, it’s important to let your guests know what to expect. How many people will attend, how long will the party last, will you serve food and drinks, and how will food and beverages be served,” said Stevens. “It brings a comfort level to those who are worried about COVID-19.”

Be sure to include the Kentucky Derby attire for the day. Your party gives them a chance to dress their finest. This is also the part where you remind anyone you’re hosting to wear a mask! You may like: Move over fancy hats. For Kentucky Derby 147, the must-have accessory is a face mask.

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