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2021 iPad mini to Feature 8.3-inch Display With Small Bezels, No Touch ID Home Button

iPad Mini 6 render

By now, we know that Apple is planning to introduce a new iPad mini later this year. As the launch nears, more and more details about the upcoming iPad mini 6 are being leaked. According to display analyst Ross Young, this year’s iPad mini will feature a larger 8.3-inch display instead of a 7.9-inch in the current iPad mini.

As per Young, the bigger screen on this year’s mini is due to removing the Touch ID Home Button and narrower bezels. The overall dimension, in terms of physical size, is expected to be the same. Back in June, famous Apple leaker, Jon Prosser published some renders to give us a look at the iPad Pro-like iPad mini.

Young also confirmed that the iPad mini 6 will not feature the rumored mini LED display a few days ago. Apple is expected to stick with the same LCD display on the 2021 iPad mini.

Since Apple is removing the Touch ID Home Button, the company might incorporate the similar iPad Air-like Touch ID in Power Button on this year’s mini.

Apart from the display, not much is known about the iPad mini 6. Analysts are expecting it to feature A14 Bionic or yet-to-be-announced iPhone 13’s A15 Bionic chipset. Jon Prosser also claims that Apple will switch from Lightning to USB Type-C port on this year’s iPad mini. What are your expectations from the upcoming iPad Mini 6? Let us know in the comments section below!

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